Ritual and Reflection Gemini Full Moon 12/12

The full moon occurred early this morning on December 12, at 12:12 a.m. EST. I am a Cancer, and I am ruled by the moon. I feel her very deeply in my soul. It is watery, and sometimes difficult to navigate. I will admit that I was very tired last night with a headache, and the only ritual I did was to put a rose quartz crystal on my forehead. I released and went to bed. I released it all to Spirit, the burdens I was carrying, the fear, the pain, and the list goes on. I slept through the night. (I just remembered that before I fell asleep that created a portal of light with the Archangels through which the Earthbound Spirits who were lining up could enter and be healed.)

This morning on my way back from the grocery store (for the second time because I forgot my wallet), I was feeling anxious, annoyed, and was beating myself up. Some residual pain came up again this morning and stared at me right in my face. Instead of running, I faced it, and sent love and light to the fear and myself. Spirit told me to show myself grace and love. I felt relieved when I did this. How do we show ourselves grace? Releasing and knowing that everything is okay. I laughed at myself for taking things too seriously. I realized that I was still carrying some burdens of others, those of my parents, and the world. These are not our burdens to carry as much as we want to save the world.

Wendy needs me right now. My ritual today is honoring myself, recognizing my light and beauty, releasing the fear and feelings of not being enough, and just live my life. As I write this I am releasing as love enters my heart. My spirit guides are surrounding me, and I feel their love and support. The only person I need to answer to today is myself, my Higher Self who knows what is best for me. She is my twin. This full moon is in Gemini. Fall in love with yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Love her. All of her. She is human and came here to experience the range of emotions and to experience choice. I choose to love myself.

Practice: To get to that place of self love, imagine yourself as a little girl or boy. If you have a picture of yourself when you were little, this works great. Talk to her. Tell her that you will honor and take care of her no matter what. You wouldn't deny a child, would you? This is my picture that I use.

How am I showing myself grace and love today? Even though I don't like the taste, I juiced the celery and drank it because it makes my tummy feel good. I love to write so I am writing this as a way to process my emotions. Perhaps it will help someone else. I am going to take a walk in nature and work with the faeries because they always lift my spirits. I am allowing Spirit to work through me. I am going to rest. And write some more. I am going to look fear in the face, and say, "I am stronger than you because I am love." I am accessing the strength from within, feeling it rise up within me to conquer the fear that wants to take over. I know that I am safe and protected. I have to stand up for my values, my needs, my standards, and myself. There is no need to be defensive, just strong. I am powerful.

Tonight, I will write down everything I want to release and offer it up to the moon. I will burn the piece of paper and let the ashes fall where they may. I will put my crystals in a bowl of water and set it out in the moonlight. I will say a prayer to the moon goddess. I will bring the moonlight into my heart. I will sit quietly and get to know myself, my Higher Self, my frequency a little more.

How can you show yourself grace and love today?

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