In this workshop, you will learn how to communicate directly with flower and plant spirits via your psychic senses. The exercises included are great for developing your clairvoyance!

Intuitive Herbalism fosters a spiritual connection with flowers, plants and fungi to obtain information on one’s own about the medicine and wisdom held within the plant.

This workshop provides tools for connecting in this way for an experience that offers magic and healing in a deep, yet sometimes playful way.

In the workshop, you will:

  • Ground and release energy that doesn’t belong in your body;

•    Practice a method for connecting spiritually with any plant;

  • Learn healing methods for the body, mind, and spirit with plant spirit medicine (no ingestion needed);
  • Learn how to receive answers in present time from engaging psychically with the natural world;
  • Practice developing your psychic senses;
  • Feel closer to nature, the world around you, and your body;
  • Receive energy attunements from flowers.


Wendy Cooper is a multi-dimensional medium, clairvoyant healer, intuitive herbalist, and teacher. Her healing modalities work closely with the spirits of nature. Wendy received her herbalism training from self practice and through an intensive apprenticeship in herbalism with Sage Wilder of the Gaia School of Healing.






Workshop: Flower Spirit Medicine



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