Duration: 2 HOURS


Some of the conditions that this healing can help are anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, and life issues, such as romance, relationship, and finances.

This healing session, done via telephone, written message, or live on Zoom helps you to understand the emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy that lies at the root of your illness, physical pain, disease or life crisis.


Chakra Scan, Psycho-spiritual Journey,

Energy Healing & Attunement



remote 2-hour session via telephone or Zoom (face-to-face)

You are an active participant in your healing.

This integrative, comprehensive healing modality is a

co-creative process between you, Spirit, and

me as the intuitive facilitator.

Total body healing for longevity requires healing on all levels.

These sessions allow you to get total healing for your 


This healing session modality includes a chakra scan,

psycho-spiritual coaching, and an energy healing session

that is personalized for you.

Clearing and healing the energy body can heal and release

patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you and

which may be showing as physical manifestations

either in your body or life experience. 

Awareness, participation, and practice are required. 


body scan

I perform an intuitive scan of the energy body, including the

chakra system and the auric field to see what areas need clearing and healing.


psycho-spiritual chakra journey

I lead you on a psycho-spiritual journey of your chakra system.

We discuss areas in the energy body that need attention. 

Using a psychosomatic approach, we address the emotional archetypes that are present and how to heal the shadow 

(low vibrational) archetypes/energies/thoughts/beliefs/emotions. 

Through this process, you discover beliefs, agreements, and patterns 

that may be sabotaging your healing and wellbeing. 

Your awareness of these energies and their root is necessary to heal.

Affirmations and mindfulness techniques are provided for maintaining a healthy mind.

It is necessary to realize how we are contributing and designing our wellbeing,

as well as how we are sabotaging or hindering it. 

Awareness is key. 


healing session

I employ several energy healing modalities, including

Usui Reiki, ThetaHealing®, and Color Light Therapy to address the issues

discovered through the body scan and psychosomatic healing process.

The healing session includes a heart-opening meditation our own

healing center. You will be introduced to your healing spirit guides. 

healing protocol

Along with affirmations, this session includes an energy medicine protocol 

I receive from Spirit to assist with the maintenance of your wellbeing,

which may include specific essential oils, crystals, flower essences,

and ecotherapy modalities.

Frequency of sessions is determined by initial healing session. 



Energy medicine helps the energy flow,

the fundamental life force, in our bodies.  Improving the energy flow of the body has been evidential to reduce symptoms of illness, and provides a way to heal on all levels.






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