I offer a transformational experience that is holistic, personalized, fun,

respectful, loving, ethical, and experiential.

You will receive:

  • Weekly, live one-on-one coaching with me;

  • Opportunities to practice with other students in the program;

  • An intuitive assessment to determine your strongest intuitive abilities; 

  • Practical tools for managing your intuitive abilities, emotions, transformation symptoms, and relationships;

  • Meditations and affirmations;

  • Lessons in a downloadable PDF form;

  • Energy attunements to raise your vibration, necessary for becoming a clear channel for intuitive information;

  • Supplemental video lessons;

  • E-mail access for questions and concerns;

  • A fun, learning experience that you co-create;

  • An increase in your overall wellbeing and confidence.

You will learn:


  • The difference between psychic and mediumship abilities, and how to discern when messages are from Spirit;

  • The spiritual dimensions and the entities therein;

  • How to commune with passed loved ones; 

  • How to communicate with and receive messages of love and divine guidance from the spiritual realm;

  • How to work with your chakras, the portals to the spiritual realm;

  • How to meet  and communicate with your spirit guides;
  • The importance of dominion and setting energetic boundaries in spiritual practice;

  • How and when to give psychic-mediumship readings to others;

  • The different dimensions and types entities in the spiritual realm and how to work with them;

  • How to set energetic boundaries so you’re not absorbing the energy from other people and places (especially needed for clairsentient empaths);

  • How to receive answers to your questions from your higher self and your spirit guides;

  • How to work with your chakras to maintain balance and healing in your body, mind, and soul;

  • How to discern messages from Spirit and your imagination;

  • How to deal with trickster spirits.


You will practice:


  • Meditations working with Spirit, your heart, and Gaia to clear and align your energy body and chakra system, providing a clear pathway for channeling wellbeing and your higher self;

  • Your psychic-mediumship abilities in a safe, loving environment.


Awakening is a process--a beautiful journey.

This is a spiritual awareness program.

Along with spiritual growth and awareness, one may experience Ascension Symptoms,

which may include body aches and pains, as your body clears stagnant energy.

I use my skills in energy medicine and somatic dreamwork and other healing modalities to provide a holistic program that addresses Ascension Symptoms, personal healing, and lower vibrational energies revealing themselves to be healed.


The three-months program is $900 if paid upfront, or $325 monthly.

If you are being called to share your gifts, there are additional levels of the program for expanded practice with clients with an option for certification. 




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