This reading takes approx 45 minutes and takes place Live via Zoom.


Flower psychometry, also called flowermancy is the ancient art form of reading flowers. It has a rich history and has been used as a form of earth magic by shamans and healers in many different countries, including the Egyptians, Celtic tribes and Romany gypsies. 


Flower readings are used for divination, communication, wisdom, and state of wellbeing. A practitioner interprets and reads messages within flowers.


In this intuitive reading, I will interpret the messages from a flower you personally choose or that Spirit chooses for you. I will channel the messages from the essence of the flower surrounding your questions around wellbeing. 


Gifts from the flower can come in many forms from calming the nervous system, bringing joy, an awakening of the senses, awareness, and healing.


The word psychometry implies both physical and psychological contact with the flower to gain psychic impressions of a person’s state and overall wellbeing.


The act of touching a flower can transmit healing from the flower into your mind by touching the stems, leaves, and petals.


Different people are drawn to different flowers. The flowers to which people are drawn can say much about that person.

Intuitive Flower Reading



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