Monthly Attunement Package (6 months)

  • 1 one-hour intuitive reading and energy healing session

  • Weekly mantras and lessons sent to your e-mail

  • Weekly 30-minute check-in sessions to address any issues on which you are seeking spiritual guidance; guidance for making decisions that are for your highest good and that of others

  • E-mail access for questions and coaching

$144 billed monthly or $600 up front.

Alignment and Manifestation Package (6 months)

  • Monthly video recorded lessons about aligning yourself to your true purpose using meditation, energy healing, connecting to nature

  • 2  one-hour coaching  sessions on making decisions that lead to joy and abundance

  • Weekly mantras and lessons sent to your e-mail

  • 2 one-hour intuitive reading and energy healing sessions

  • Weekly 30-minute coaching session

  • E-mail access for questions

$275 billed monthly, or $1,200 up front 


Master Mentorship Package: (6 months)

Coaching Package for those seeking coaching in developing your intuitive abilities. I employ energy healing as part of this package.

  • You will receive everything included in the Alignment Coaching package, plus

  • Lessons on developing and managing your mediumship; spiritual and metaphysical subjects; meditations and chakra clearing; and energy medicine

  • Two additional coaching sessions which are designed to allow you to practice your abilities

$375 billed monthly, or $1,500 up front


Please e-mail me to sign up for a healing and coaching package.

I also offer a la carte coaching sessions for developing and managing your intuition.

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