This reading is beneficial:

-If you want to receive spiritual guidance on life issues, such as career, relationships, life purpose, and finances.

- if you want to connect with passed loved ones.

-if you want to connect with your higher self

- if you want to meet your Spirit Guides

- if you have been experiencing psychic phenomena

- if you have a ghost


What to Expect


These readings take place via Zoom.

Thirty-minute sessions and one-hour sessions are available.

I channel energy and messages of love from the spiritual realm.

Prepare for Your Reading

The day/night before

Avoid stimulants, depressants, such as alcohol, etc. Get plenty of rest.

 15 minutes before

- Find a quiet space to have your reading-  

- Arrive 15 minutes early - 

- Set an intention for the reading- 

- Take a few deep breaths

- Focus on your heart space

- Be open to receive

- Join the Zoom Session - 

Energy Healings and Mediumship Readings are available as a package.

Highly recommended for optimum results along with a Space Clearing.

All readings are confidential.

Available for group readings and healings.

Please inquire.


Life By Design

California, USA



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