What is a multi-dimensional medium?

Multi-dimensional mediums have the ability to see beyond the range of the frequency of the light that the physical eye can see. This ability increases the effectiveness as mediums delivering messages from the spiritual realm. 

Multi-dimensional mediums can sense and offer messages from all of the spiritual dimensions, which include the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus and Buddha; the Earth Elemental spirits; the Archangelic realm, passed loved ones, and benevolent, highly ascended cosmic energies. 

I am a Lightworker, meaning I work in the light of the frequency of unconditional love to receive messages for your highest and greatest good.

This is an intuitive reading and healing and is beneficial if you:

- want to receive spiritual guidance on career, relationships, life purpose, and finances.

- guidance about health and wellness

-  want to connect with a passed loved one

- feel someone is sending you negative energy 

- want to connect with your higher self

- want to meet and connect with your Spirit Guides

- have been experiencing psychic phenomena

- have a ghost or entity in your home

With a one-hour session, you can ask up to four questions, a 30-minute session up to two questions.

Pre-payment is required to reserve your session.

What to Expect


These readings take place via Zoom or telephone.

Thirty-minute sessions and one-hour sessions are available.

I channel energy and messages of love from the spiritual realm.

Prepare for Your Reading

The day/night before

Avoid stimulants, depressants, such as alcohol, etc. Get plenty of rest.

 15 minutes before

- Find a quiet space to have your reading

- Arrive 15 minutes early 

- Set an intention for the reading

- Take a few deep breaths

- Focus on your heart space

- Be open to receive

- Join the Zoom session, or call the telephone number provided. 

Energy Healings and Mediumship Readings are available as a package.

Highly recommended for optimum results along with a Space Clearing.

All readings are confidential.

Available for group readings and healings.

Please inquire.