In these remote sessions on Zoom

I begin by using my psychic senses to tune into the energy

around you to provide information about what I see and feel.

This may include symbols, archetypes, descriptions of spiritual activity around you, and messages from

your Spirit Guides.


I use my clair-senses to communicate with those in the

spiritual realm who come forth to provide loving guidance

about your concern or question.


I tune into high-vibration/frequency energies to provide

messages through a lens of love from your Spirit Guides who

are “on the other side,” who are here to assist you at this time

by providing guidance that is

aligned with your heart, body, and soul,

–your blueprint.


These sessions can address questions around life issues such as career, relationships, wellbeing, choices, emotional issues, etc.


These sessions can also be used in an attempt to make contact and receive messages from passed loved ones.


You may want to pair a mediumship session with an

energy healing session and space clearing.  (1.5 hours total)



Pre-payment is required to reserve your session.

$100 per 1-hour Zoom session

What to Expect


It is best to release expectations and be open to the experience

and the messages that come forth.

We will begin the session with your question.

Feel free to ask questions throughout the session.

 will tune in and provide any messages I receive. 

Questions will be followed by periods of silence 

when I am tuning in psychically and communing with Spirit. 

Sessions come from a place of love and not fear.

I provide a relaxed, non-judgmental, and confidential

setting for you to experience the enlightenment and love

of high-vibrational (dimensional) energies. 


If you would like to record your session, please do so. 

You can do this by hitting the "record" button

on the bottom of the Zoom screen.

Prepare for Your Reading

The day/night before

Avoid stimulants, depressants, such as alcohol, etc.

Get plenty of rest.

 15 minutes before

- Find a quiet space to have your reading.

- Take a few deep breaths.

- Focus on your heart space.

- Set an intention for the reading.

- Write down your questions.

- Be open to receiving.

At the time of the appointment, log into the Zoom session.

If you do not have a Zoom account, you may sign up here.

All readings are confidential.

I completely disconnect from your energy when the session is over. 

All messages are delivered from the realm of Light and Love

for the highest good of all. 

Wendy is available for group readings and healings.

Please inquire through the Contact Form.