Life By Design

Holistic Coaching for Life, Relationships, Life Purpose, and Wellbeing.

Designed to address longer-term goals and transformation in the areas of career, finances, spirituality, relationships, natural health and nutrition, life purpose, and other issues. 

My coaching protocols provide you with weekly intuitive guidance; a focused energy healing protocol; and action steps to assist you in aligning body, mind, and spirit with the healing wisdom of Gaia to achieve healthy, joyful and fulfilling lives with a purpose. 




Life by Design Coaching may be a good fit for you if:


You want to make empowered decisions that come from a place of self-love. You desire authenticity, are courageous, want to lead a life filled with purpose and creativity,

and you need action steps and accountability.

You want to co-create with Spirit to manifest a life that is authentic, fulfilling and full of joy. 

You desire a holistic coaching program that considers your specific energy profile and incorporates protocols for healing the vibrational light body, while grounding the light body to be able to plan,

set goals, and achieve tasks. 

You need accountability and someone to keep you on schedule on your tasks

to build your dream life and/or your business.


You are a creative, highly sensitive person, empath, healer, lightworker or other creator who seeks guidance in channeling energy in a soul-fulfilling manner.

You are seeking guidance about energy healing and how it can help you.


You are a seeker wanting to learn more about receiving messages from the higher dimensions.


You want to learn about your spirit guides, passed loved ones, and other spiritual guides around you.

You are seeking guidance about your life purpose. 


You want to make decisions based on your intuition and are seeking to live a holistic lifestyle based

on love and kindness for all beings. 

You want to design a life that makes you happy and provides sustenance.

You want a career that fulfills you in which you can use your natural abilities and talents. 


You desire to practice a life that is sustainable and respects Gaia and all her gifts. 


Life By Design

California, USA



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