The High Priestess



"The high priestess reveals that we need superconscious and awareness of the self before we can wholly engage in abundant relationships with others, which are embodied by the mother-goddess archetype."

Liz Dean, author of

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot

The High Priestess Program is a professional development program in

multi-mediumship development for aspiring spiritual mediums.

Level 1 is a three-month program with

weekly one-on-one and group coaching.  

In this comprehensive program, you will

develop and/or upgrade your

communication and channeling skills and

expand your experience with the spiritual realm.

Live coaching via Zoom from the comfort of your home.

For those completing the program Level 1 and 2,

 an opportunity for certification is extended

through Indigo Lotus School of Spiritual Arts.


This mentor program was designed to help you develop your psychic-mediumship practice through group practice to help you hone your abilities, and individualized coaching to help you grow in a specific area, such as channeling, medical intuition, or connecting people with their passed loved ones.

This program will help you to expand your awareness of

multi-dimensional beings of light and connect to the wisdom of

higher consciousness?

I will help you develop your intuitive abilities in a way that is sustainable,

healthy, loving, grounded, and useful?

Are you ready to use your gifts to offer hope and spiritual guidance to others?

"Wendy Cooper is an excellent mentor! Before I started the mentorship program, I prayed for Source to provide me with the best possible teacher for my spiritual growth, and the universe aligned to put Wendy into my life experience so that I could train to become a professional multi-dimensional medium.

What’s nice about the mentorship is that Wendy is very professional and great at commanding her spiritual space, but she also makes mediumship so much less intimidating because in addition to being friendly,

she is good at explaining abstract spiritual concepts. I have really added to my spiritual toolkit since

I started the program because I can now perform readings with so much more confidence and skill.

Wendy is a natural lightworker, and I highly recommend the High Priestess Mediumship Mentor Program."

-Gabi R.

I signed up for the program despite not really understanding what a medium was. I signed up because of Wendy. I met her at a two-hour seminar she hosted on intuition. Wendy is a highly gifted and patient teacher who perceives what each student needs and how they learn, both individually and in group work. Wendy’s fluid, easy writing style infuses the deep and sometimes complex topics with a vibrancy that keep drawing my eye further and further down the page. By far the most valuable experience so far has been the refinement to my own perceptions and understanding of myself. What I am reading and learning aligns perfectly with what I have sensed my entire life and haven’t known how to fully tune in to. A rather close second would be Wendy’s big-hearted joy and delightful propensity to laugh at herself which belies not only a highly-skilled light warrior, but a deeply multi-dimensional human. If you are looking for top-notch mediumship training look no further. Wendy is the genuine article.

-K. H. 

A transformational experience that is holistic, personalized, fun,

respectful, loving, ethical, and experiential.

You will:

  • Receive weekly one-on-one coaching;

  • Practice reading with other mentees in the program;

  • An assessment to determine your medium type; 

  • Tools for managing your intuitive abilities;

  • Meditations and affirmations;

  • Lessons in a downloadable PDF form;

  • Energy attunements;

  • Supplemental video lessons;

  • E-mail access for questions and concerns;

  • A fun, learning experience that you co-create;

  • An increase in your confidence as a medium.

You will learn:


  • How to discern and connect with entities of love from all dimensions, including cosmic archetypes and the spirits of Gaia;

  • How to provide different types of intuitive readings;

  • How to commune with passed loved ones; 

  • How to clear and heal your chakra and aura energy systems, the portals of intuition;

  • How to develop a relationship with your spirit guides;
  • How to embody your divine self and setting energetic boundaries in spiritual practice;

  • The ethics of mediumship;

  • Astral projection and remote viewing;

  • How to heal and house and/or space;

  • How to set energetic boundaries so you’re not absorbing the energy from other people and places;

  • How to deal with trickster spirits, psychic attack, black magic, and possession.


You will practice:


  • Developing your clair-senses;

  • Meditations working with Source, your heart, and Gaia to clear and align your energy body and chakra system, providing a clear pathway for channeling

  • Your psychic-mediumship abilities in a safe, loving environment 


Awakening is a process--a beautiful journey.

This is a spiritual growth and awareness program.

You will learn and practice tools to increase your energy frequency, which increases you ability to receive clear messages that are from love, the highest frequency.

The three-month program is $900 if paid upfront, or $325 monthly. (Value $1,800)




If you are being called to share your gifts, there are additional levels of the program for expanded practice with clients with an option for certification. 

The 3-month program includes:

Month 1:  Coaching 

2 hours


  • Weekly group coaching and energy attunements via Zoom 

  • Lessons via video and PDFs

Month 2: Individual and Group Coaching

2 hours


  • Weekly coaching meetings with others in program via Zoom for group coaching and practic using intuitive abilities

  • Recorded meditations 

Month 3: Individual and Group Coaching

2 hours


+ final session

  • Weekly coaching meetings with others in program via Zoom for group coaching and practice

  • One-on-one wrap-up coaching session


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