Wednesdays, Beginning June 17, from 4 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. PST 

LIVE on Zoom

All classes will be recorded and accessible for replay.


This 8-week program focuses on harnessing the healing power of the divine

feminine principle through the flower archetype and its sacred geometry. 

The transformational healing program was co-created with Spirit with the

empathic and/or clairvoyant healer in mind.


The program is appropriate for all levels of psychic development whether you are

beginning to explore intuitive healing or if you are a

practicing medium, channel, and/or healer.

This program is also beneficial for you

if you identify as an empath

who desires to develop or expand your clairvoyant skills and/or 

live an empowered life that expresses your lovely sensitivities in a way that

serves your highest good.

Discover your unique flower archetype that is waiting to BLOSSOM!

During this program you will learn:

- the transformational healing qualities of the flower and faerie realms

how to work with them for healing;

- the language and behavior of energy and the frequency of color;

- how to move, transmute, and heal lower-vibrational energy with flowers

(clairvoyantly, physically, energetically);

- the use of flower energy to create clear, strong, and loving boundaries for yourself;

- the psychometry of flowers and how to give a flower reading;

- the sacred geometry of flowers and why this matters to heart-centered healing;

- the flower archetypes and how to use flower essence therapy for attuning the chakras;

- the cosmology of flowers and how to use this information for healing;

- the meaning of chakra flower symbols;

- clairvoyant energy healing techniques using color light frequencies;

- techniques for increasing your light body as a way to avoid absorbing

the energy of clients, family members, etc.;

- techniques for physical mediums and empaths for managing

emotions and those of your clients';

- how to deal with blocks, implants, and intrusions in the energy body;

- how to use flower images for healing.

you will receive:

- rainbow light attunements from the flower and faerie realms;

- flower healing meditations;

- tools to work with your light body to achieve clarity;

- an online community of empathic, intuitive healers in a private

Facebook group where you can share experiences in a safe, loving environment;

- a student portal where all student resources can be accessed from one place

on various devices;

- tools to heal the divine feminine aspects and integrate with the divine masculine;

- supplemental materials and lessons via downloadable PDFs;

- live classes and question-and-answer sessions after lessons;

- tools for multi-dimensional healing for yourself and your clients.

you may experience:

- healing and growth on all levels--body, mind, soul throughout time and dimension;

- a marked increase in your intuitive abilities and clairvoyance;

- deep healing of the energy body;

- deep heart healing and release of past pain, hurts, and trauma;

- mastery over emotions and triumph over patterns and beliefs that are blocking you;

- a sense of increased joy, trust, peace, and faith;

- a deeper appreciation for the healing qualities of flowers and Gaia.


Wendy Cooper is a professional medium and multi-dimensional

channel of healing energies from Gaia and the Cosmos.

She made her way to this path through her discovery that she was an empath,

a quality of person that comprises less than two percent of the population

and who is able to feel the emotions and pain of others as if they were their own. ​

When managed properly, empathic abilities can be channeled in a way to assist others

with their own healing. It is from her experience as an empath and learning through this

quality that Wendy has found her path and is able to express her true nature. 

Wendy practices and mentors others in mediumship, intuitive healing,

and spiritual business in all stages of development. She developed her own healing modality,

Flower of Life, that incorporates channeled guidance; and her training in color therapy,

Reiki, ThetaHealing, and Shamanic Healing.

She has been documenting and channeling wildflowers in Santa Barbara County

for the last five years, an experience that led her to creating this course.


One-time payment of $555

Early bird price $444 before May 25


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California, USA



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