Welcome! I am a multi-dimensional medium, healing artist, and intuitive life coach. My healing and coaching protocols are designed around each person's individual needs. I employ a combination of evidence-based modalities, including Reiki, flower therapy, ThetaHealinge®, ecotherapy, Shamanic healing, meditation, breathwork, and somatic movement, along with intuitive guidance I receive from Spirit to assist individuals who seek to uplevel their experience of joy and fulfillment through wellbeing, wholeness, and the ability to create and manifest.  

Each of us is a unique expression of the divine, a flower of life. When we align to the unconditional and everlasting love, we follow a path that fulfills what we chose to experience and how we wanted to expand while we are here on this beautiful manifestation of Gaia--the planet Earth. 

Love and light to you,


"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you'veimagined."


- Henry David Thoreau




Everything is energy.


You are energy. Money is energy. 

Our energetic frequency is reflected in our health, our physical bodies, in the relationships that we manifest and attract,

and the level of abundance and joy in our lives. 

Work with your with energy to shift your life in the direction

you want it to go.

To shift your life--finances, health, love--

you must change your life...your energy imprint.


This is where I come in.  

I offer:

Transformational Healing for

Body, Mind, Spirit & Home




My mission as a medium is to channel Spirit, love, and high vibrational energies for healing and guidance. This practice illuminates a path for a life that represents the unique blueprint of our light body, our soul. 

Allowing space and practice for guidance from the spiritual realm provides healing on all levels of our existence.  When we base our actions and design our lives from a space that is in alignment with our hearts, Gaia and Source energy, we manifest a life that is authentic (soul-led, higher self-led),

purpose-driven, joyful, sustainable, and abundant.



Credentials and Certifications

Usui Reiki Master

Feng Shui Practioner Certification, Earth Home School, Los Angeles

Mediumship Training, Los Angeles School of Spiritual Arts and The Lightworker's Lab

Certified in the ThetaHealing® technique

Certified Intuitive Reader, The Lightworker's Lab


Post-graduate study in the Somatic Healing Modalities and Depth Psychology,

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California

Formally trained in somatic, transpersonal and Jungian dream tending

Trained with ecotherapist Linda Buzzell

Master of Fine Arts, Photography, Savannah College of Art & Design 

Training in natural and herbal medicine and essential oils from Herb Pharm and DoTerra®.

I have trained with several mentors in mediumship and energy medicine, including

Kathleen Albear, Lauren Antuofermo, Tricia Carr, Crystal Anne Compton, Wendy DeRosa, 

Hillary Michaels, and Lisa Powers.

My former career as a professor of art led me to expand my knowledge in 

body-mind healing to continue a path as a wellness and creativity coach and mentor. 

On this path, I continued to study depth psychology, energy medicine,

and mediumship, all of which are natural partners.

I offer holistic coaching in mediumship, wellness, conscious creativity.

I offer several a la carte services for readings and energy healing, on-demand courses,

and programs for more in-depth healing and coaching. 

My programs are a co-creation between my client and Spirit, their 

Higher Self, with me as the facilitator. 

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,

and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."

-Henry David Thoreau


Life By Design

California, USA



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