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Since I was a young girl, I devoted my studies to herbal and shamanic healing, expressive art, yoga, hands-on energy work and botanical studies. I was born with intuitive sight, but I didn't know how to manage this gift.  I began my university studies in art and the study of the history of art, being fascinated with archetypes.  For enterainment and later deeper study, I absorbed knowledge from the archetypes of astrology and tarot and began studying the works of Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey. 

I began my teaching career as a professor of art and design. During this experience, I noticed that the majority of my students had another characteristic in addition to expressing themselves through art. The extent to which each student expressed this characteristic was on a broad spectrum, but they also had a certain sensitivity to them that did not mesh with popular opinion or trends. Their concerns were about surviving in a world that has dominantly disregarded sensivitity, art, and intuition, aspects of the Divine Feminine. I am a teacher and channel of and a practitioner of energy medicine.


Once I, as an empath, learned how to manage and learn from the wisdom of emotions and energy, I had a handle on how to not only survive, but thrive in this three-dimensional world, which has its own natural laws and cycles. I learned to harness the power of my power as Creator of my life and work with nature instead of against her. 

Later, after channeling this sight into works of art, I trained with psychics and healers that helped me convert this energy into a healing art that I could offer in this world. After an awakening, which increased my psychic gifts, I began studies in herbalism, Reiki, somatic movement therapy, depth psychology, expressive art therapy, indigenous healing practices, modern shamanism, mediumship, and plant spirit medicine. 

I use this experience to provide customized healing protocols for your body, mind, and soul, that are based in nature and that provide intuitive guidance to provide a voice to soul and spirit. 

We are all artists! The gift of humanity is that we are creative imaginative beings. When we allow and channel Spirit, the divine, we can create the most amazing things in our lifeAs creators, we are also able to receive from a source greater than just ourselves, becoming a way for the divine to express itself creatively. We are all story tellers, music makers, poets, and artists. 

I am a wellness coach, intuitive healer, artist, writer, teacher, channel, herbalist, and mentor for those who are aligning to their fullest potential and who feel the call of their soul, the divine intuitive, creative, and compassionate nature, to be expressed. Humans have the capacity for immense compassion, and we are also incredible artists and creatives. When these qualities are alchemized with the fire of action, mountains are moved. 

You are the creator of your life. I help you to see your divine design or blueprint to provide clarity and space for creativity, joy, and bliss. 

My services are divided into three different areas: 

1. HOLISTIC WELLNESS & LIFE DESIGN - Personalized Intuitive Readings, Healing, Energy Attunements, and Coaching inspired by Spirit, grounded by Gaia, and created by your Heart

2. TEACHING & MENTORING other empaths, healers, mediums, artists, and channels on their ascension path and/or professional development

Each of these areas of focus has tiers and levels of depth to meet your interests, goals, budget, and time.

I have developed a WELLNESS/LIFE DESIGN TRACK and MENTORSHIP/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRACK to assist with navigating through my services. Of course, one can jump around and experiment if one chooses. The following levels are suggested courses of action in each track. 



As an introduction to my wellness services, I offer FLOWER SPIRIT WELLNESS READINGS that provide illumination on wellness issues and a chakra and aura clearing and attunement. This reading can be beneficial if you have noticed that your energy is low; if you have a chronic health issue; or if you have a question about a life issue, such as a relationship, your career, your life path, etc., or a choice you must make. I clairvoyantly see information in the energy body and work with you to balance the energy in the chakras and the auric field so that you can learn to access your inner wisdom and that of everything to which you are connected. I am grateful to be of service using my clair-senses to connect with, hold, and channel high-frequency healing energy.  My healing practice is heart-centered, focusing on self-awareness, your energetic field, and your aura and energetic boundaries. The goal with practice is to bring balance to the chakras, the energy centers in the body.

Our etheric body is our foundation and holds a vast amount of information pertinent to our wellbeing. I look at your entire energy grid for its wisdom. You are a multi-dimensional being. The introductory Flower Spirit Reading and Healing is the doorway to access healing on many levels--emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

I work with your higher self, Source, Gaia, and spirit guides that come forward with information that pertains to your specific questions. My channeled messages provide illumination about that which is waiting to be revealed, loved, integrated, forgiven, or released.

Focusing on your inner light--your heart light-- and aligning to Source father and Gaia mother, creates provides a path for your unique spirit to be embodied and expressed. This leads to embodied wellness.

I provide a toolkit from Spirit for managing your energy.

This reading is great if you are highly sensitive to energy.

The second level of the Wellness Track are my healing journeys in the FLOWER OF LIFE  session. 


The Diamond Lotus Light Body Illumination and Journey can be described as a clair-sensuous journey through your psyche, soul, and energy field to learn more about yourself and your unconscious and self-conscious patterns and beliefs to be enlightened with the wisdom of the archetypes of the chakras as portals. The ultimate goal is taking control of your life, realizing that you are a creator. This self-reflection and heart-centering are essential to the mastery of designing your life in a way that is conscious and life-giving.

From here I offer a holistic Wellness Coaching program, LIFE BY DESIGN in which I design a personalized wellness protocol. I have three month and six-month plans available. 

I also offer a MENTORSHIP TRACK for those seeking to learn about and/or want to develop skills towards becoming a professional energy healer and/or medium. I offer classes, group coaching programs, and one-on-one mentorship program through the Indigo Lotus Academy of Healing Arts. 


This coaching program can be followed at any time during your development. You may want to jump right into a one-on-one wellness coaching program, and that is fine. I offer LifebyDesign™  Coaching for the manifestation of an overall sense of wellbeing and a soul-aligned life that feeds your life force and provides joy in the areas of relationship, career, and life purpose. You learn to make empowered choices that honor your heart and soul. This program provides personalized guidance via one-on-one coaching sessions. I offer a three-month and a six-month option to fit your needs, budget, and time.

A suggested pre-requisite to this coaching is the group coaching program A Dance with Gaia. 


I offer classes for mediumship and clairvoyant energy healing development through the Indigo Lotus Academy of Holistic Healing ArtsI announce upcoming courses through the school's web page and in my private Facebook group: BLOOM. 

The High Priestess Multi-dimensional Mediumship program offers group coaching on embodying the archetype of the High Priestess. The modern-day priestess lives from the heart in attunement with nature and Source. She creates her life through self-reflection, self-acknowledgment, and self-awareness. She embodies inner strength and wisdom. 

I offer one-on-one mentorship through the High Priestess Level 2 program for those seeking skills in managing their abilities, assistance with their ascension process, and professional development of mediumship, energy healing, and channeling. 


I also offer mediumship services to connect with passed loved ones. This service is also designed for those who are experiencing disturbing energy in their space or on their land. I offer mediumship readings and space clearing sessions. 


I have an educational community on Facebook for soul-aligned manifestation called Bloom. If interested, please follow this link and ask to join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/847111009024555


Wendy Michelle Cooper

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you've imagined."


- Henry David Thoreau

Everything is energy.


You are energy. Money is energy. 

Our energetic frequency is reflected in our health, our physical bodies, in the relationships that

we manifest and attract,

and the level of abundance and joy in our lives. 

Work with your with energy to shift your life in the direction

you want it to go.

To shift your life--finances, health, love--

you must change your life...your energy imprint.


This is where I come in.  

I offer:

Transformational Healing for

Body, Mind, Spirit & Home




My mission as an intuitive healer is to connect people to the healing gifts of our divine mother Gaia, the spirit of Mother Earth; Spirit; and our hearts. This practice and process illuminate a path for a life that represents the unique blueprint of our our soul. 

Allowing space and practice for guidance from the spiritual realm provides healing on all levels of our existence.  When we base our actions and design our lives from a space that is in alignment with our hearts, Gaia, and Source energy, we manifest a life that is authentic

(soul-led, higher self-led),

purpose-driven, joyful, sustainable, and abundant.



Credentials and Certifications

Usui Reiki Master

Apprenticeship in herbalism with Sage Wilder of the Gaia School of Healing

Apprenticeship with Marysia Miernowska of School of the Sacred Wild

Feng Shui Practioner Certification, Earth Home School, Los Angeles

Mediumship Training, Los Angeles School of Spiritual Arts and The Lightworker's Lab

Certified in the ThetaHealing™ technique

Certified Intuitive Reader, The Lightworker's Lab


Post-graduate study in the Somatic Healing Modalities and Depth Psychology,

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California

Training included somatic, transpersonal dream tending and somatic movement therapies

Trained with ecotherapist Linda Buzzell

Master of Fine Arts, Photography, Savannah College of Art & Design 

I have trained with several mentors in mediumship, shamanic healing, the alchemy

of the goddess, herbalism, and energy medicine, including

Kathleen Albear, Lauren Antuofermo, Tricia Carr, Crystal Anne Compton,

Wendy DeRosa, Hillary Michaels, Lisa Powers, Ariel Spilsbury, and Sage Wilder.

My former career as a professor of art led me to expand my knowledge in 

body-mind-spirit healing to continue a path as a wellness and creativity coach and mentor. 

On this path, I continued to study depth psychology, energy medicine,

and mediumship, all of which are natural partners.

I offer holistic coaching in mediumship, wellness, and conscious creativity.

I offer several a la carte services for readings and energy healing, on-demand courses,

and programs for more in-depth healing and coaching. 

My programs are a co-creation between my client and Spirit, their 

Higher Self, with me as the facilitator. 

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,

and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."

-Henry David Thoreau


Life By Design

California, USA



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