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8-week small-group coaching & illumination program

 begins Sunday, January 17, at 2 p.m. PST

LIVE on Zoom. All classes will be recorded and accessible for replay.


This program was designed for Lightworkers and empaths who desire to be more conscious, aligned, expansive, intuitive, grounded, and open to more

joy, love & abundance.

When we work with

metaphor, myth, alchemy, magic, cycles, and the elements 

of the Great Goddess Gaia,

we open ourselves to a vast cauldron of wisdom--

the golden chalice, the holy grail, if you will.   

The Alchemy of the Great Goddess is a process that leads to:

- expanded awareness and consciousness - 

- feeling connected and whole - 

- conscious, soul-aligned manifestation -

- mental and emotional freedom -

- clarity of direction & mission -

- grounded intuition - 

- wholeness -

- peace -  




$333 is the cost of the basic program.

Golden Key Level:

Add a one-on-one session with me to the program for $444

Gaia sustains, provides, and heals us.

Join us for this eight-week discovery process of the Self.

As Lightworkers, we came with a mission to balance the divine feminine, to give Gaia a voice, and to bring empathy back into consciousness.

We do this in a myriad of ways--by breaking patterns in our family lines by our own consciousness of our divinity and wholeness and bringing this light to ourselves our families & by giving the divine feminine a voice through our awareness, embodiment, and expressions of metaphor, archetype, symbols, myth, intuition, healing, compassion, receiving,

and by creating works of art.

We do this by becoming aware of the wisdom of the subtext,

the quiet voice of our soul.


Now is the time when creativity, surrender, release, and flow are what is needed most for the renewal of ourselves and this planet.

Creative energy restores balance and contributes to the healing of the Earth.

Restore your creative energy, your life by embracing

the healing alchemy of Gaia.



Experience "a coming home."

During this program you will:


  • Heal trauma through Lightbody Rebirthing;

  • Discover your goddess archetype and how to embody its light;

  • Shift your perspective and receive clarity through the world of archetypes;

  • Flow with the seasons of Gaia, and manifest with the cycles of the Moon;

  • Practice ancestral healing through dancing and illuminating your shadow;

  • Dance with the Elements for whole balance;

  • Enliven your consciousness through the alchemy of the divine feminine;

  • Engage with your inner child for healing family trauma;

  • Surrender to the wisdom of empty presence and embody the Golden Chalice;

  • Explore the Heroine's Journey and its importance to Lightwork;

  • Be enchanted by the call to a mythic life;

  • Unite your divine feminine and masculine through a sacred dance;

  • Activate your Lightbody through multi-dimensional light frequencies to increase life force energy, energy field awareness, and clear channeling;

  • Reclaim your Heart Temple;

  • Reveal and release limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and energies;  

  • Strengthen your intuitive and channeling abilities;

  • Experience the wisdom of sacred geometry, symbols, and metaphor;

  • Understand the holographic Universe and our place within it;

  • Ignite your self-awareness, creativity, and purpose;

  • Feel grounded, supported, and blossom into balance;

  • Invigorate and embolden your Will with Shakti energy;

  • Emody totem animals through somatic movement;

  • Learn about Compassionate Witness for self-healing and healing others;

  • Revel in the wisdom of the Fool /Trickster archetypes;

  • Breathe light and life into your dreams;

  • Shift your perspective on energy healing;

  • Co-create with Soul, Spirit, and the Heart;

  • Journey with the spirits of Gaia;

  • Discover the healing wisdom of the flower and plant kingdoms




you will receive:

- rainbow energy attunements and activations;

- personalized coaching in a group setting;

- multi-dimensional healing;

- an online community of like-minded souls in a private Facebook group ;

- a student portal where all student resources can be accessed from one place

on various devices;

- supplemental materials and lessons via downloadable PDFs;


you may experience:

- healing and growth on all levels--body, mind, soul throughout time and dimension;

- a marked increase in your intuitive abilities and clairvoyance;

- deep healing of the energy body;

- deep heart healing and release of past pain and trauma;

- a sense of increased joy, trust, peace, and faith;

- a deeper appreciation for the healing qualities of Gaia;

- a profound shift in awareness

This program is a healing journey into the realm of the divine feminine, the Soul, who is united with her divine masculine, Spirit, through her heart, an action that ushers in 

compassion, alignment, clarity, unity, and direction,

that which we seek and find in ourselves. 

The program is appropriate for all levels of spiritual development.

The Power of Live Streaming Video

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to an online classroom. 

You can connect via your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions, Sundays at 3 p.m. PST

The LIVE Zoom sessions will include:

* Illumination Journeys *

* Lightbody Activations *

* Meditations * 

to provide immediate gentle healing

Followed by questions & discussion in which I will provide

channeled messages & healing from your Higher Self & Spirit Guides.

Lessons will be sent out via e-mail before the Zoom session as pre-recorded

videos and/or PDFs. 



Wendy M. Cooper

is a channel of multi-dimensional, high-frequency energies, including

 Source, Gaia, the Archangels, Star Beings, and the Ascended Masters. 

Wendy is a professional clairvoyant energy healer, spiritual teacher, mentor, and intuitive guide for

seekers and Creators who believe in self-healing and soul-aligned illumination and manifestation.

Wendy is formally trained in Usui Reiki, ThetaHealing, ecotherapy, depth psychology,

mediumship & somatic movement therapies. 

Wendy has been a long-time student of the mythic life, mythology, metaphor,

archetypes, and alchemy. Wendy delved deeper into her own psychology and that of the collective during the work for her thesis paper and exhibition for her Master of Fine Arts degree. The paper and body of work are entitled In Between, in which she illustrated, illuminated, and discussed the representation, objectification, and projection of women in contemporary cinema. She opened this dialogue through an imaginative re-enactment and documentation of the myth of a contemporary Persephone-like goddess. The images included images taken from the perspectives

of the Witness and the Goddess (versus Victim) herself, images that were juxtaposed

against the perspective of the Oppressor.

She began her formal study of the archetypes of classical mythology and fine art during her undergraduate years and continued studying the application of myth and the goddess archetypes and healing during her doctoral studies in depth psychology at

Pacifica Graduate Institute. 



Canva - Woman  as dancing Shiva Goddess.