Services & Products for Natural Living & 

 Holistic Healing of the Body, Mind, and Soul. 

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About Wendy Michelle

Wendy Michelle is a wellness coach, Usui Reiki master, intuitive folk herbalist, meditation teacher, and psychic-medium who focuses on integrative methods

for multi-level healing for her clients. 

Her clients seek to heal themselves

from the inside out addressing the foundation

source of the concern at the energetic level

while considering the body, mind, and soul

of the individual.

"We are multi-dimensional beings with 

complex system of thoughts, emotions,

and subconscious activity.

A lack of balance with one or more these energetic systems, whether it is conscious or unconscious,

can wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, and souls

if not addressed."

Wendy 's healing modalities are holistic,

evidence-based, natural, and intuitive.


They are rooted in her training in Usui Reiki,

ThetaHealing, crystal healing, healing meditation, somatic therapies, ecotherapy, Shamanic healing, mediumship, herbalism, and plant spirit medicine.


Drawing from the wisdom of these methods,

and employing her own abilities

as an energy channel and intuitive healer

each session is uniquely designed for each client

based on his or her needs. 

Reiki healing sessions offered

remotely or in person


Advanced Massage Therapies

in Athens, Georgia. 

Online classes are offered through her school

BLOSSOM Academy of Intuitive Arts.

Natural products for healing and loving

the body, mind, and soul

can be found in her

Wildflower Apothecary,

including flower essences

and luxury herbal products for the body.

These products are made for those who love

to pamper themselves and their bodies,

an act of self love and wellbeing. 

BLOOM is an educational  healing space

for the intuitive and healing arts.

Benefit from articles focusing on spiritual development, meditations, a loving community, special offers,

and free intuitive readings.


REIKI Healing

This healing method works through the wisdom of the psycho-emotional aspects of our being for enlightenment, with the intention of developing a sense of wellbeing, hope, and being attuned to beauty and love.


Wendy works intuitively to provide a unique experience for you.


This healing modality is intuitive and has roots in  Reiki,ThetaHealing, and crystal healing.

Each session is uniquely designed for each client.

Online sessions are available via Zoom.

In-person sessions are offered at Advanced Massage Therapies in Athens, Georgia. 

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This coaching program takes the journey of healing to the next level using the science of energy as a foundation.


This program is designed to teach you how to live in soul-aligned life, a way of living that is joyful and for your highest good.

Learn how to be in charge of your life, and create the life you desire. 


This program uses a process that reveals more of your true essence so you can achieve authentic wholeness.


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The focus of this school is provide educational resources for the intuitive and healing arts, energy healing, and natural medicine.

Classes and workshops are held on various subjects, including plant spirit medicine, herbal medicine, vibrational healing, divine feminine alchemy, and multi-dimensional mediumship.


Courses are "on-demand," as well as live, small-group coaching programs held via Zoom.


I offer two 8-week programs, including

The Modern Priestess and

A Dance with Gaia.

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